League of Legends: Allen’s Complete Guide to Gangplank

Hi guys I will make a champion guide to Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge. There obviously are many ways to play Gangplank. First I will provide a few general information about Gangplank.

His first ability is Parrrrley. He targets an enemy with his pistol and does damage. If he lands a killing blow with Parrrrley, he gains extra gold.

His next ability is Remove Scurvy. He eats a large amount of fruit, healing him as well as clearing any crowd control effects. Crowd control is any type of stun, silence(inability to cast abilities), disable an ability, snare, fear, charm, and suppress. With both his Parrrrley and his Remove scurvy, there have been a lot of complaints saying that Gangplank is “overpowered”.

E:His next ability is Raise Morale. It is a passive ability that increases his move speed, attack speed, and damage. When you activate it, the passive bonus is increased, as well as giving a portion of the bonus to your other team members.

R:His ultimate is Cannon Barrage. Gangplank signals his ship to fire cannonballs on a targeted area. Enemies caught in the barrage will be slowed and will take magic damage. Gangplank can fire it anywhere, making it a “global” ultimate.\

Ability Order

  1. Q
  2. W
  3. E
  4. Q
  5. Q
  6. R
  7. Q
  8. W
  9. Q
  10. W
  11. R
  12. E
  13. E
  14. W
  15. W
  16. R
  17. E
  18. E

Guide to Top Lane

Normally in a professional match, the top lane is the one that will be a carry to the team. I will start with the item build for a carry.


x1 (350 GP) and x3(35 GP each)


x 1 (300 GP) and x5 (35 GP each)


x1(1600 GP) and x1(1050 GP) orx1(1200 GP) or x1 (850 GP)


x1(3000 GP)x1(2350)x1(3850)x1(3000)

x1(4060)          These are just a few, as there are so many items builds.


Cloth Armor or boots are pretty standard for a top laner, as you want mobility or durability. You want to get Wriggles for that really good sustain in a lane as well as getting a ward for protecting your flanks.Obviously the boots would be varied but these three would be the best. Mercury is good against cc and AP, Tabis are good for AD, and Ionian for better cooldowns. For late game, Atmogs is always a good combo, as you become tanky as well as benefiting for the Atma’s. Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster are always good offensive combos on Gangplank, and Trinity Force is a great all rounder. If you still feel squishy, you can get Force of Nature or a Guardian Angel.


These masteries are for crit chance, armor penetration, mana regen, movement, and lifesteal. For Gangplank you would want to mainly go offense, as the runes I would take are Armor Pen Reds, Crit blues, Armor yellows, and health quintessences. For summoner spells, I would go for either Flash/Teleport or Flash/Exhaust or Flash/Ignite

 OR  OR 


After you get your starting items you would want to head down top lane. Your starting ability should be your Q, Parrrley. As you hit the enemy minions, try to split your Q use by last hitting minions and getting that bonus gold why “poking”, or damaging your opponent. If you are getting zoned, than you should go back and get a Heart of Gold, so that the gold regen might catch you up. If you feel like your opponent is low enough, activate your summoners and go in for the kill. You should activate Raise Morale, and Q him. If he stuns or slows you, press your W to negate the effect. After the engagement, go back to base heal up, and try to get the items for Wriggles Lantern and boots.

For the mid game your team could either continue laning or break up for team stages. You should keep high priority targets warded with your Lantern like dragon. If your team decides to go for dragon, then you should ult the area and teleport onto a ward. If your tank isn’t tanky, then you should build into a Warmog’s and then an Atma’s.

For the late game, if you still have your Wriggle’s, ward Baron. If you feel like the enemy team decides to go for a sneaky Baron attempt, you should ulti Baron. By now you would have your late game items and would be able to carry your team easily. Remember in team fights that you can activate your E as it benefits your entire team. Activate your ulti on the enemy team, as it slows enemies which could come a factor if you chase low champions. Using your  Q can do heavy burst damage, especially if it crits.


In my opinion, I think that Gangplank is a very good top lane champion.

Guide to Jungle


Gangplank is a very good jungler, despite the some of the nerfs he had.

Starting Items

x1(350) and x3 (35)


x1(300) and x5 (35)



Build into:

x1(1600)     and  x1(1925)

x1(850)       and  x1 (1200)

Finishing Items:

x1 (3000)   x1 (1925)  x1 (2200) x1(4060)


Item Build Briefing

Gangplank’s starting item varies, as you have a wide variety of item choices that go well.

v1.0: Post made

v1.1: Ability Order Added

v1.2: Work on 2.0 started


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