Bob Billycan Arrested for Carjacking a Taxicab in Chinatown

This just in!

Mr. Bob Billycan has just been found at a 7-11 near Egypt. He has been on the police’s most wanted list for the past twelve seconds for carjacking a taxicab in Chinatown, and now he is found. All Mr. Billycan had to say was:

“I didn’t do it! And if I really did, which you are currently unsure of, I would have done it with the help of someone named Ovie Chovie, if he even existed. Please don’t arrest me, I wasn’t just trying to smash the car into a bank to get money, no way!”

Fortunately, police had an easy time finding Mr. Billycan because the GPS in the cab had the ‘Use my current location’ internet feature on.


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