Subscribe to TWiN on iTunes

Hello everyone,

You all heard in episode 16 of TWiN that TWiN was now a podcast and you could listen to us on iTunes. We did not give you the link to subscribe to us so here it is.

On iTunes, go to the “advanced” menu and click “Subscribe to Podcast.” then copy and paste the URL in the box that pops up.

Stephen is also working on putting up some of our other shows (Tech Check, Travis, Tal’s Talk Time) onto podcast format, and it’ll be done soon. Note: only TWiN episodes 14 and 16 are up, because of the size limit. Episodes 13 and 15 were over 1GB.

We also encourage you to watch TWiN on instead of just YouTube, because we generate a few cents per view. That way, by watching our shows you can support Asdaqua!

Thanks a lot!



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