Apple Worldwide Developers Conference!

It’s here! The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a conference week in which Apple gives you an in-depth and inside look at the latest in iOS and OS X.

Tickets are sold out, but Apple will be posting videos of the conference after its over. There will be many things to learn, including six technical tracks and more than 100 sessions and labs on everything from development to distribution. Activities at the conference include: Apple Design Awards (I’m really excited for these), WWDC Bash (Rock concert), Stump the Experts (Trivia game), and Lunchtime speakers. What I think is great is that WWDC is giving out Student Scholarships! You just have to make a pretty cool app, then you submit your applications (Please read rules at ).

At WWDC, you and build the best apps ever with new breakthrough technologies in iOS and OS X before anyone else can! You can get the Apple engineers to help you learn how to code or work with them on making a code. Also, you can meet new people who are learning new things just like you! I think its a pretty cool conference, and I wish I could go.


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