Network Update: 4/24/12

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first Network Update.

Since Charlie Brittam hasn’t really been doing his job (ahem, the last post from him was on March 6), I made a new category in which I update you on new things going on in the site and in our network.

So, we made a calendar for our posts, so that we can fulfill Charlie Brittam’s promise of making one post per day. You can access it at Also, on our main sidebar that you see when you go to the All Posts page and the Shows Page as well as some other category pages, there is a list view of the posts and shows coming up.

We would also like to welcome our new article contributor, Carlos. He will be writing articles about technology and some reviews, as well as gaming. Welcome aboard, Carlos! See his first post here.

Finally, an important announcement: we are getting very close to 10,000 views! Currently, we have 9,853 views on our website. A huge thank you goes out to all of you for reading our articles, watching our videos, subscribing to us on YouTube, and following our blog. I am working on a very special article for our 10,000 views which will soon be reached.

Signing off for today; see you next week!


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