Intel Launches Its New Ivy Bridge Architecture

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, Intel launched their new Ivy Bridge processor range. The new 22 nanometer chips will start off with 13 quad-core processors in the i5 and i7 families. Focusing on desktops and mid to large size notebooks, Intel plans on releasing new lower-end i3 and i5 chips later this spring.

Intel estimates that compared to the 32nm Sandy Bridge chips, an Ivy Bridge chip can get about 20% higher performance for 20% less power. Along with the greater performance and efficiency of moving to a 22nm architecture, some graphical improvements in the HD 4000 is that it is now fast enough to handle 4K resolutions and modern games at good detail levels. It is also the first Intel architecture to natively support USB 3.0.

Many manufactures have been waiting for the new architecture, including HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple, who has been believed to be waiting for the architecture for a new slew of desktop and notebook computers, with a MacBook Pro update last fall to be ready for Ivy Bridge.


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