Gaming News: IPL4-League of Legends

Hey guys! It’s me Allen with another gaming news post. This post will be about a gaming event that happened from April 6-8: IPL4. IPL stands for IGN Pro League. IGN is a very popular online website for gaming. This is now the 4th season for their gaming tournament, and this season was at Las Vegas. The two games featured were Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. The game I will be talking about is League of legends, and I will focus on the NA team TSM ( Team Solo Mid).

TSM went into this tournament demoralized and a bit shaky from the roster changes. This would be a first tournament for the new TSM member, Dyrus. The qualification rounds were held a week ago, and the teams that made it were TSM, Dignitas, v8, CLG (Counter Logic Gaming), aAa, Monomaniac, Epik, and Curse. If a team losers, they go to a lower bracket, where they palay losers from other games. The winners from the two brackets will play each other for a “practice” championship, then they play another set to find out who wins 25,000 dollars.

TSM easily past v8 in the quarter finals, and Curse in the semi finals to face Dignitas in the Winners Bracket Final. They won 2-1 to reach the championship. Meanwhile in the lower bracket, CLG managed to win against v8, Monomaniac, and finally knock out Dignitas in the Lower Bracket Finals. As the finals were prepared for Sunday, there were many fun matches. There were a East Coast vs. West Coast Professional Match, with the East Coast winning. There were also Pro vs. Riot Staff and Pro vs. Riot.

When the finals match started, there was much discussion about how the old rivalry between CLG and TSM would effect the matches. In the first “practice” championship, it looked as if CLG played better, and they swept TSM 2-0. Despite this loss, TSM mangaged to keep calm and win the second championship 2-0.

Congratulations TSM for coming back from hard times and winning a tournament. For more information about IPL4 or League of Legends, visit


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