Travis’ Advice for life 6

Hey everyone!

Its so exciting! this is the 6th travis’ advice for life! 6 is the magic number!  I think…

Anyway, its great to see you all once more.

“Anybody who says you only have yourself to blame…”

…is just not very good at blaming other people.

Now, usually I end the post with the quote, but I still have MORE wisdom to share(Yay!)!

Cos[x]=1 – (x^3)/3! + (x^5)/5! – (x^7)/7! + (x^9)/9! – (x^11)/11!, so e^x = 1 + (x^1)/1! + (x^2)/2! + (x^3)/3! + (x^4)/4! + (x^5)/5!

The way to solve this is to understand that x has to be in radians (not degrees) and “!” means factorial (5!=5*4*3*2*1, 7!=7*6*5*4*3*2*1). With that equation, you just keep alternating + and – terms until you get to x^infinity/infinity!

If you’ve figured out the answer, check this: (97.59 +6x^7!)!  !

I hope that I’ve taught you something!



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