Game Guide #1 – League of Legends

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Hey guys! Its me Allen with a Game Guide. This weeks game is League of Legends. As said on the TWiN broadcast, I will do a full guide about the game. League of Legends is a multiplayer game based off the popular game DoTA (Defense of the Ancients). It was created by the company Riot Games, and released on October 22,2009. It has been a popular game on many international tournaments like Major League Gaming, Intel Extreme Masters, and World Cyber Games.


The most common match in League of Legends is 5v5. That means that one team (blue) will have five players who will face against the other team (purple). To win the game you have to destroy the other team’s nexus, which is located in the two team’s base. To get to the nexus, you will have to destroy towers. As you are playing the game, you will notice that you will control a champion. This is a bigger type of minion and has certain abilities. The toolbar showing those abilities will be at the central-bottom part of the screen. Right under it would be the name of the champion, your experience, health, and mana/energy. To the left is where six items slots are, the items will enhance your champion to gain an advantage when fighting others. To the right is your map. There you will see the entire map,   your champions as well as the sight that you have currently.

Environment: Lanes

As you enter a game in league of legends, you will see on your minimap three lanes (top, “mid”, and “bot”). These are the three main routes for you to reach the enemies nexus. Champions will be accompanied by a wave of minions. These minions will attack any enemy it sees. If you land a killing blow on a minion, you get some gold, which you can buy items.

The lanes are split in half, and each half has three towers. The tower is very strong, but if you destroy one, you entire team each gets 150 gold.  The third tower also has an inhibitor. If you destroy it, then that lane will begin spawning one “super minion”. The super minion is a lot stronger and tougher to kill than normal minions. In order to destroy the nexus, you have to destroy all three towers, as well as two stronger nexus towers. On the mini-map, you may notice that in between lanes you will notice that there are a set of yellow and red skulls. In each lane there will be brushes. If you are in the brush, then the enemy team will be unable to see you unless they go into the brush that you are in. These brushed are really useful for junglers when there are ganking.

Environment: The Jungle

The Jungle is an area where there are a lot of monster camps. Usually there will be one champion playing as the “jungler”. The jungler’s role is to go into the jungle and kill the camps. Some camps, like the ancient golem, can give you certain buffs that will help you gank. Ganking is when you go to another lane and attempt to kill an enemy champion in that lane. If a jungler is played successfully, then the enemy team would be confused, and demoralized from you ganks.

There are three different types of creep camps: small, medium, and large. The small camps contain wolves, golems, and wraiths. Usually they will have a “main” monster that when you kill it, will heal you depending on you missing health. The medium camps will give you a buff if you kill the  “main” monster. The “red” lizard camps will give you a buff where your attacks will slow and damage enemy champions over time. The “blue” ancient golem camps will give you a buff where your energy/mana regeneration is increased dramatically, as well as reducing your cooldowns of you abilities by 20%. The heavy camps contain dragon and Baron Nashor. Killing dragon will give each team member 190 gold as well as experience.  Killing Baron Nashor will also give each team member 300 gold, and a massive buff that gives a member increased regeneration of mana and health, attack damage and ability power.


Each champion has a passive, three “regular” abilities, and one “ultimate”. The regular abilities can be I will use a champion for an example. This champion is one of my favorites to play: Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge. Gangplank has four different skins, which change Gangplank’s appearance. Those are Sailor Gangplank, Minuteman Gangplank, Spooky Gangplank, and Toy Soldier Gangplank.

Original Skin of Gangplank

A skin for Gangplank

Every champion has a passive ability. This ability does not need to be activated. Gangplank’s passive is Grog Soaked Blade, his basic attacks and Parrrrley stack a debuff that deals magic damage and slows the target. This ability stacks up to 3 times, increasing the damage and the slow.

His first ability is Parrrrley. He targets an enemy with his pistol and does damage. If he lands a killing blow with Parrrrley, he gains extra gold.

His next ability is Remove Scurvy. He eats a large amount of fruit, healing him as well as clearing any crowd control effects. Crowd control is any type of stun, silence(inability to cast abilities), disable an ability, snare, fear, charm, and suppress. With both his Parrrrley and his Remove scurvy, there have been a lot of complaints saying that Gangplank is “overpowered”.

His next ability is Raise Morale. It is a passive ability that increases his move speed, attack speed, and damage. When you activate it, the passive bonus is increased, as well as giving a portion of the bonus to your other team members.

His ultimate is Cannon Barrage. Gangplank signals his ship to fire cannonballs on a targeted area. Enemies caught in the barrage will be slowed and will take magic damage. Gangplank can fire it anywhere, making it a “global” ultimate.

Each ability can be leveled up to five times, with the ultimate leveled only up to three times.


As you gain gold, you can go back to your base where there is an item shop. There you can be specific items  that can improve your champion. There are may stat modifiers, like Ability Power(increase ability damage), Attack Damage, ARmor penetration, Magic Penetration, movement Speed, Armor(reduces physical damage), Magic resist(reduces ability ddaamge), Life Steal(heals percentage of the damage you do), Spell Vamp(heals percentage of the spell damage you do, attack speed, critcal speed, cooldowns, health, mana, mana/health regenertiaon, as well as different potions you can take.

Home Screen

When you log into the game, you will see the home screen with all the sales and news. On the top right is your taskbar: Store, profile, and other tabs. In you profile page, you have the champions, showing unlocked and locked, masteries and runes(improve your champion), and your match history. You have a total of 30 mastery points, where you can put into three trees: Offense, Defense, and Utility. You can buy runes that will also enhance your stats.


AD: How strong you basic attack will be

AP: How strong your ability damage will be

AD Carry: Someone who “carries” his team to victory by building AD items

AP Carry: Someone who “carries” his team to victory by building AP items

CDR: The percentage that reduces the time your abilites have to “cool off”

Facecheck: To walk into a brush full of enemy champions and die instantly

Feeder: Someone who intentionally dies to give enemy team advantage

Gank: Attempt to kill an enemy champion from a lane

Global Ulti: Ultimate that can land anywhere on the map

Jungler: Roams in the jungle and gank

Mia: Missing in Action, if a person calls mia, that means the enemy champion in their lane is missing.

MR: Magic resistance

Re: If a person calls re, that means that an enemy champion has returned to their lane.

Smurfs: Experienced people who create new accounts to insult noobs

Tank: Champion that builds defense items to absorb the damage

Throwing: Accidentally/Purposely lose the game

Post Patches

v 1.0: Guide

v1.1: Added Terms, Put Terms in alphabetical order

v1.2: Added Terms, added passives


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