TWiN Episode 16

This is This Week in News, episode 16, for Friday, March 30, 2012. Today, we investigate the JetBlue pilot story, go to a live report with the brother of someone who was injured by a donkey, and commemorate Alexis Jackson. Stay tuned!

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TWiN Episode 16 Script

TWiN is a newscast about current events, politics, fake news, gaming, and technology. The hosts rotate every week.

Part of this video, including images, backgrounds, and music, is not owned by us. We do not intend to infringe on their respective copyright holders.


EA Games — ElectriCITY
YouTube user MsVietstar (Koala picture)
John Adams Soundtrack
Angry Birds Soundtrack
Windows Theme Song (heard on WinXP installation)


4 thoughts on “TWiN Episode 16

  1. You guys were amazing as usual, but WHERE ARE MICHAEL AND BECK?? And why isn’t Tal in it more(and Derek, for that matter)? Just wondering! Thanks.

    • Remember, this was the day before Spring Break. Michael was on a cruise, Beck was somewhere on vacation and couldn’t come. That’s why they weren’t there. Now Tal was the audio mixer and he didn’t have a personal segment (like I have the Win7 Feature of the Week and Allen has the Game Pick of the Week), so he wasn’t in the show at all. (But he is in Bloopers!!!) Derek was the cameraman. And he did sub for Michael in the Game Pick, so he had some screen time.

      P. S. Parker, why is you gravatar just a blank black box?

      • Oh, okay, I understand. And my gravatar? I have no idea. I’m kind of technologically challenged. I tried to make it the anime Tal made for me, but I can’t get anything done on my iPhone so I just gave it up. I don’t know why it’s a black box (or how to fix it).

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