Remembering Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jackson
March 7 1999-March 27 2012

Today one of our friends, Alexis Jackson, passed away. She was an amazing girl, and the entire crew knew her since 3rd grade, at the least. We all had a hard time getting through today. All of us, not just the Asdaqua crew.Stephen, Tal and Beck cried , Michael and Derek were very sad, and Allen was moved but tried to put a positive turn on things. Later in the day, Stephen visited the residence of Alexis’s grandma, where she died, and offered his condolences.

As far as we know, she was killed just after midnight on March 27 in an apparent murder-suicide. The body of her 40 year-old ex-police sergeant father and hers were found by her mother in an SUV fatally shot. The police are suspecting that her dad killed her then killed himself. Her father, John Jackson, had been a police sergeant at the Fairfax County Police Department for 16 years before resigning. He and Alexis’s mother, Cindy Jackson, were going through a hard relationship filed for divorce last summer, although they dropped the case this January.

According to Mrs. Jackson, they could not hear any shots fired from inside the house, but their neighbor did and called 911. Alexis and her father had been at a dance and came home at 12:30. They were in the driveway for a long time, so she went out to see what was the matter. She ran back and threw herself against the door, breaking the glass, saying, “My child is dead!”

Police have been investigating the cause and three news teams were there all day. At lunch, there wasn’t much talking, but sadness and hugs. The school set up counseling place in the library, where people would go and cry and help their friends cope with what happened. This has been the saddest thing we have ever experienced. She has been in our class since 3rd grade, so we knew her well.

You hear a lot about death on the news, most recently the Trevon Martin case, and you feel sorry for them, but you never really experience what it feels like for you. You never realize that something like that could happen to one of your friends. It is not a feeling that can go away, you can never ‘get over’ the feeling of sadness, and we will remember this until the end of our lives.

Wear yellow, to honor Alexis Jackson. Yellow was her favorite color. She will have her name remembered on Asdaqua forever.

Tal, Stephen, and Beck contributed to this article.

23 thoughts on “Remembering Alexis Jackson

  1. Tal, this is absolutely amazing. Alexis would probably be crying herself if she read this. But at the same time, I think Alexis would want us to try and be strong, to remember her but to not let it get us down. Alexis was an honorable person, and she deserved to be remembered. We all need to be there for each other to help through the hard time.

      • Me too, but one thing bothers me. Why were they in an SUV 1:15 in the morning, or at least Alexis, and if John was retired why and how did he have a gun?

        • Alexis and her dad were coming home from some sort of a dance, that was why she was there that late. As for the question about the gun, everyone is allowed to have a gun – there are no laws restricting that. And of course, he still had his police gun.

  2. This is so sad. It hasnt really sunk in that she’s really gone. It feels like she is going to’ be at school tomorrow, but in reality she’s not. R.I.P Alexis Jackson.

  3. But we’re all here for each other. Alexis was an amazing person, and she didn’t deserve to go. Let’s follow the example she set for us and be good, loyal, supporting friends.

  4. I just visited the place where Alexis passed away… it was so sad. Her mother and grandmother were both there and they were allowing visitors. They are both fine. My mom and I could talk with them and we were glad we came. I also got interviewed by ABC 7 Channel 8 News.
    I prayed for Alexis and her father and the rest of her family. They asked us to pray for them. So take a few minutes and say this prayer:

    Dear Lord, most Merciful Father, we ask you to accept your child Alexis into Heaven. We know that she was a loving servant to you and that she was a good example to all of us. Eternal rest grant upon her, O Lord, and may a perpetual light shine upon her. May hers and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  5. May Alexis rest in peace, as not only was she our friend, but was part of our family, to guide us through hard times like these. I agree with goldridinghood, as Alexis would want us to be strong. With her in our hearts, we can get through this, because even though we have lost a dear friend, we all have each other.

    May Alexis Jackson rest in peace.

  6. That is so beautiful you guys. I miss her sooo much too. I just wanted to tell you guys heard that our pricipal had made it a spirt day on friday to wear yellow in honor of Alexis (due to student suggestions.) She send out an email to many parents, including my mom, and i am sure that there will be annoucements over the speaker tommorrow. So hopifly this time everyone in the school will hear about it and wear yellow tommorow for Alexis.
    R.I.P Alexis,

  7. Rest In Peace, Alexis Jackson. The lord will always remember you. Your name will always be remembered in history. 3/27/12 Rest In Peace forever. The lord has made a place for you in heaven. Dieing so young. It truly is sad. I will be saying a prayer for you at church on Sunday.

  8. To the family of Aexis, I know it is hard but rembere God only I know you are hurtung, ive you what you can,I love the family so much because you have truly been a friend. Uou willalways be in my prayer. You are family and has alrways been ther for our family, so know we stand with you in the time of sorrow.
    Mary J, Battler

  9. I would like to make this clear, I was not the only author to this article. Stephen and Beck also wrote this. Rest in Peace Alexis. :*(

  10. I am crying!! RIP baby girl, as I seen you grow into a lovely flower!! It is so sad, may God heal the hearts of your family and guide them. I just can not imagine that I only talked to you last week or so!! ~ Gosh my heart is hurting as well~ You will be missed, Cindy may God humble you through this long healing process!!

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