Game Pick of the Week #3 – Battlefield 3

Hello this week’s game pick is Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter designed by EA and DICE, and was released late October, 2011. It was said that the game was to “remove” MW3’s dominant spot over the FPS gaming franchise. Overall, Battlefield 3 is a team game, with a lot of different parts, so I will start with the game play. The main game mode is assault, where you capture flags to gain points, the team with the most points wins. There are four classes, each with their own distinct equipment and weapons. First of is the medic, which heals and supports his teammates, he usually carries an LMG. The engineer is focused on destroying and repairing vehicles, he usually has an SMG, a vehicle repair, and a RPG. The recon is the one who has the sniper, will also carry out mortar strikes. The last class is the assault, which carries an assault rifle and is focused on taking flags. Each weapon can be customized to your play style, and there are hundreds of different weapons to choose from. There are also lots of vehicles, like tanks, APCs, helicopters, boats, light transport, troop transport, AA vehicles, jets, and many more. Now we go on to the technical attributes, and overall it is amazing. The graphics are outstanding, and looks much more realistic than MW3. The HUD also moves as you move, like moving up as you jump. You may need a good FPS to enjoy the game and not be hindered by frustrating lag. Overall if you want a game that requires teamwork, has good graphics, wide variety of weapons and vehicles, then Battlefield 3 is the game for you.


3 thoughts on “Game Pick of the Week #3 – Battlefield 3

  1. Hey! Good post, I’m a hardcore gamer but my current PC is too old to play the latest games like mass effect 3 and I’m looking to build a new PC and I discovered a guide on It sounds good, but I’m not so sure so what do you recommend?

    • I just went on the website you said, and i think that it is a relevant website. For gaming tips go to IGN or the a wiki for the game. Most PC games have forums and guides on their websites that can help you.

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