Gas Prices on the Rise

I was going home today on the bus and looked out the window at a gas station and saw something that made me gasp: $3.99 gas. For regular gas, you’ll have to pay $3.70 for every gallon you have to buy, not to mention the diesel or premium gas. I just want to remind you that in 2008, gas was $1.80. The national average for gas right now is $3.69. People speculate that gas prices could rise to $5 or even $6 by the summer.

There are many reasons for this rise in price. But first off, let me point out that this was a mild winter and that there should be a big supply of oil right now. But no, there isn’t. Why? Environmentalists stall the drilling of oil. Constantly, the EPA is putting regulations on where to drill, making the oil companies less productive. In turn, the oil companies sell to countries like China because they make a bigger profit there. Meanwhile, we Americans are buying oil from the Middle East! Oil companies can’t just drill on their own – they have to get a permit from the government. And that tells them if they can or can’t drill where they want to. We export our own domestic products, while we import foreign products. Does that make sense to you?

Take ANWR, for example. ANWR is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, and it has enough oil supply to last 200 years in America. And let me make one thing clear: another pipeline across Alaska is not needed because it is only 160 miles away from the North Slope Prudhoe Bay pipeline. Also, the wildlife loves the pipeline because it is heated and provides shelter during the worst times of the winter.

The proposed drilling in ANWR is in what is called the “Coastal Plain” region of ANWR, or the barren wasteland in the north of the reservation. When liberals talk about it, they show you beautiful pictures of the refuge and say that we would be disrupting the environment there. BUT WE ARE NOT DRILLING IN THE MOUNTAINS!!! We are drilling in the tiny area in the northwest section of ANWR.

So we have a perfectly good source of oil right here, but the so-called “environmentalists” are blocking it from being drilled in. Wow. We should be self-reliant, drill on our own soil, not buy it from the Middle East.

Another tally on the scoreboard of failures of Obama’s campaign. Way to go!



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