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it’s too quiet… something must have happened…

Just kidding!

But, seriously. Something amazing is about to happen.

This Friday is another filming day of TWiN!!   It’s been so long since we have showed you the wonders and news of the world.  This week we will be featuring a news, fake news, war news, a game pick, even more news, some other stuff, and…well, you get the point.  Lots of cool info and funny stuff.  Hope that you obsessed fans out there enjoy!

Game Pick of the Week #2 – Minecraft

This week’s game pick is… MINECRAFT

Minecraft is a sandbox indie video game inspired by Infiniminer, that basically has the element of digging for resources as a fun survival-adventure theme.  I recommend anybody who plays Roblox or like blocks… yes, that’s right blocks.  The full version of this game costs around 25 bucks at minecraft.net, but you can play for free at http://minecraftforfree.com/!!


Travis’s advice for life 4

Hello fellow people!

Today I am doing things that are none of your concern. But, nevertheless, I hope that you are fully aware of our exciting new website design! What are your opinions about potatoes? Do you like them fried, scrambled, or in my case, boiled with peanut butter?

you can help anyone turn a frown upside down!

Just pull of their head an flip it over!


Battle Spotlight #1: The Maryland Campaign: Part 3 – McClellan’s Luck

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It was time for McClellan to do something.

Frederick, the town in Maryland where McClellan’s headquarters was located, was about 40 miles northwest of Washington. The National Road came up from Washington, passed through Frederick, and then continued northwest towards Hagerstown for about 25 miles. From there, there are good roads dropping south into Virginia and the Shenandoah, other roads lead west into Ohio, and some go into Pennsylvania. About halfway between Frederick and Hagerstown lays South Mountain. It is not a mountain, per se, but rather a long, curving ridge that starts by the Potomac next to Harper’s Ferry and runs far into Pennsylvania and passes west of Gettysburg. From McClellan’s point of view, South Mountain was on the horizon – a dark, long curtain that separated the Union army and the Confederates. It was a veil on the far side of which lay the full power of the Confederacy, fully shielded from the prying eyes of the Federals.

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