Cat Delays Plane?!

Ripples the cat escaped her owner and nestled in the cockpit of a Canadian airplane, delaying the flight for hours!

Ripples the Cat

The ten-year old tabby cat escaped onto an air Canada flight from Halifax to Toronto. Ripples and her owner Debbie Harris passed through security checks but her cage becomes unfastened. After she escaped the cat darted to the front of the plane. The passengers attempted to halt the cat but failed. Ripples Entered the cockpit and hid under one of the seats.

Eventually the passengers had to get off the plane and an electrical crew showed up to get Ripples. The crew had to remove electrical panels and the cat made a run for it, again!

Ripples was apprehended by the crew and returned to Ms. Harris. In total, the flight was delayed a total of four hours. Like all delays, this was very expensive for Air Canada. This was a very interesting first (and last) flight for Ripples.


2 thoughts on “Cat Delays Plane?!

  1. This is like the time when a cat we tried to adopt, Pudge, who lived in our basement’s ceiling tiles for two months? Her claws got very, very long……

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