Cruise Ship Crash

On Sunday, January 15th a cruise ship owned by Costa Cruises was taken to close to the rocky shore of Giglo, Italy . It struck a rock and captzised a while later.                                                                                

The captain, Francesco Schettino was detained for questioning by the Italian police on charges of manslaughter, failure to offer assistance and abandonment of the ship. Costa Cruises says that there was “Extreme human error” on the captain.

 When questioned on why he left the ship the captian replied, “The passengers were pouring onto the decks, taking the lifeboats by assault,” he said, according to the newspaper. “I didn’t even have a life jacket because I had given it to one of the passengers. I was trying to get people to get into the boats in an orderly fashion. Suddenly, since the ship was at a 60- to 70-degree angle, I tripped and I ended up in one of the boats. That’s how I found myself there.” In other words he ‘fell’ into the lifeboat.


One thought on “Cruise Ship Crash

  1. It was not only the captain who made an extreme error. Most of the rest of the crew was panicking and did not do their emergency response job. Also, during Coast Guard inspection drills, the Bosses give the crew little “cheat, cheats” to make sure that the crew passed. That is not acceptable; Carnivals CEO said this! And they said that they did this because most of the crew did not pay attention during instruction and most of the crew does not speak English, because they were hired in Italy. Also, the crew works 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week, for many months at a time (12, more or less). And, when the crew does do their small job, when its time to get into the inflatable lifeboat, they don’t care to take off their high heels, or stuff.That’s crazy! Poor training, long stressing shifts, Selfishness, and Unperpairdness all resulted in about 15 deaths! Yes, the Titanic had thousands of deaths, but we learned from that! Or did we?

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