Iran Finally Agrees to Allow Nuclear Inspectors

Iran finally agreed to host U.N.  nuclear inspectors later this month. This was unexpected and could help relive tension with Iran. This visit is scheduled on January 28th.

The UN diplomats did not know if the Iranians would let them visit important nuclear sites that may be used to make weapons. The UN had been pressuring Iran to let their inspectors go to Iran and really see if the were manufacturing weapons.

The UN wants the Nuclear team to visit suspected nuclear sites and scientists alleged to be involved in atomic-weapons research. The agency has been requesting for more than three years to interview Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear scientist who the U.S. believes has overseen Iran’s nuclear-weapons research program. The Diplomats said they would be very surprised if Iran complied to thier reqests or even if they would recognize the UN report.

U.S. and European officials on Thursday said they were skeptical of any renewed outreach by Tehran. They said they were concerned Iran could try to use a diplomatic outreach to divide the international community and diminish support for new financial measures against Iran.


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