Throwing Your Head Out The Window

On the bus ride today, there was a kid that kept sticking his head out the window.  The bus driver warned him the previous day, that if he kept doing that, he would have to sit up front away from his cursing D average friends.  But today, even after a warning, he did it again.  This just wastes our time, when he talks he either says someone forgot a hat, Hello, or stop doing that!!  So he got yelled at by the bus driver, and all the bus driver wanted him to do was to move up front where he could keep a close eye on him. But, this kid doesn’t want to cooperate, the bus driver said either move up, or we drive back to the School; at this I was thinking ‘just move up, please’. He finally cooperated after a minute, when the bus driver was walking back to his seat, yes walking back, when he got up and moved. But on his way off the bus at his stop, he mumbled “Idiot bus driver” close enough so that the bus driver could hear; that made the conflict personal. Our bus driver was trying to keep the kid from killing himself! And, he thinks it was because it’s against the rules.  Does he know his head could be taken off at 25mph?  Because of what he mumbled as he got off the bus, he has a “referral” and possibly a bus suspension. The bus    suspension was great, and it is a good punishment, because now his parents are going to see how big of a moron their kid truly is.  A “referral” is (at our school) just when they put the event on your permanent record, they tell your parent, and an administrator talks to you about why what you did was wrong. I don’t think this was an over punishment, rather, an under punishment; what he should be is not only the inability to ride the bus, but also a suspension, or at least an in-school suspension.

But what does this all mean?  It means that the average American youth does not expect a large punishment. In other words, parents think their kids are the best people in the world, and that is usually not the case.  I see kids every day walking up the wrong sides of the stairs (tripping other people), kids punching others, kids throwing wet paper towels over stall doors at someone they don’t know; and how do they react? They laugh. And it’s not funny.  It’s cruel and it’s wrong, yet they think it’s funny. That’s cold.  When is bullying ever funny?  I don’t know.  Another messed up thing is that at our school kids bully others so often, about 2/25 bullies are caught or punished for their actions.  The kid who stuck his head out the window was never a bully, even when he insulted the bus driver. Because at our school, bullying is not bullying unless it’s repeated; so a kid making a horrid rumor about another is not bulling?  It can’t be assault; so if it’s not bullying, what is it?  Leave a comment in response.


8 thoughts on “Throwing Your Head Out The Window

  1. This is kind of like America’s schools, no discipline, no hardship, and few work. That means when they exit school thinking ethier like a whiney baby who thinks that he can get anything when he asks for it, or the punk who will get his butt kicked in the REAL world when he tries to bully someone. Seriously watch Waiting For Superman, cause the US needs to do something about their education. I mean all the good universities are inhabited by foreigners (an American admitted that.)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That was one of the best articles I’ve ever read in my entire life!! Kudos Derek. But you’re right at my school you don’t even need to look to find attacks that look like bullying but aren’t because they’re not repeated. Teachers don’t pay enough attention and then they act like my school’s bully problem under control. I think the standards of bullying should be changed. An attack should not have to be repeated to be considered bullying, and rumors the negatively effect a person or people should not go without punishment. These acts people should be punished and warned so that they don’t end up repeating the violence.

  3. Ok u guys know im never serious about my comments but this time i am. There are some horrible people at our school that are like this. They walk down hallways and expect every single person to move out of their way. If people dont, they attack them. They use very offensive curse words and I am sick of it. Very good article.

  4. That. Was. Amazing. Seriously. You guys did something way huge, which is getting this out on the Internet, where people can read, understand, and know that they are in the wrong to bully. That’s a major accomplishment. And that boy on your bus would certainly be complaining if he got his head knocked of by a stop sign going by at 25-30 miles an hour.

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