Newt Gingrich the new Republican frontrunner

Another national poll now shows that Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, is the new GOP frontrunner – surpassing Mitt Romney.

According to a CNN poll, Gingrich won 24 percent of Republicans and 20 percent still like Romney. Herman Cain got 17% support and Rick perry got 11%.

Gingrich said that it’s clear that he’s the best candidate to take on President Obama.

I think, first, is the scale of the solutions that I propose, which are much bigger and much more comprehensive than any other person running for office,” he said in New Hampshire. “The second is the fact that I’ve actually done it. I’m the only person running this year who’s actually helped create a national majority twice … balanced the budget for four straight years at the federal level. Nobody else running comes anywhere close to that.

Gingrich appeals to many Republicans for his bluntness and stinging insults.

He’s going to eliminate White House czars on his first day in office. The supercommittee “is the single dumbest legislative idea” he’s ever heard of. Government retraining will be available for lawyers who lose their jobs because of tort reform. The delay in building a border fence is “utterly stupid.'”

However, a poll shows that most conservatives believe that Romney has a better chance at beating Obama than Gingrich does. Romney’s numbers have stayed  the same – around 20% to 23% – since just about the start of the campaign. Even though some people think he has a boring personality, he has very good debate skills and good enough support from Republicans. Gingrich believes that in the end, it will be between him and Romney.

Source: CBS News


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