The Adderaladder

Are you tired of ads, like this?

Then you should get the Adderaladder!

The Adderaladder is a horrible new product that might kill you!!

All you have to do to use the adderaladder is plug it into your shoe, press the button and, KABLAM, you were just put into a coma and missed that stupid ad!

Adderaladder inc. is not responsible if:

  • Your home/dwelling  burns to the ground
  • You die
  • You make really bad puns uncontrollably
  • You have to get a prosthetic leg
  • You die again
  • I hate you
  • You watch Barney
  • You post a dog video on YouTube
  • You marry a Llama
  • You become an announcer
  • You mak a typo
  • Woohoo!
  • You eat a Taco

To Order at a %.100 Discount go to

You know what?
I just wasted your time!!
Heh, heh, heh

2 thoughts on “The Adderaladder

  1. FAKE I NEVR MAK TYPEOS. I havea urge to make a pun, but spammers aren’t good at bad humor. Well my lbama wife is calling me so bye! Wow, there are no more ads….

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