Question of the Week #2

Hi everyone. This is number two in the continuing saga of political opinion questions. So, here goes.

Do you think you should earn what you work for and then pay for what you want, or that the government should take all your money in taxes, and then give you free stuff?

Should you pay taxes and then get free public school tuition, or pay less taxes and decide where to spend your money – in a private school or elsewhere? (ahem, this is called a voucher plan.)

Do you think you should live off of the products of your work? Or, if you’re not making “enough,” you’ll get other people’s money, and if you’re making “too much,” the government will take it and redistribute it to “poor” people?

**HINT! This is called SOCIALISM!!!**

And this is exactly what the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are protesting about.

My opinion is that we should GET WHAT WE WORK FOR, and not get our money taken and redistributed among other people.

If you make lots of money because you work hard, you should keep what you make! If you get money from making good investments, that’s what stocks are for!


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