Get the Noobifyer!  The Noobifyer can change any comment or remark into a really stupid one that a Noob would make! It has three different command buttons, buttons like: Noob, Super Noob, and Extremely Super Nerdy Annoying Ugly Fat Noob!

The Noobifyer is only $19.99 ($500 in Canada) NO REFUNDS

Noob inc. is responsible if the Noobifyer takes over your mind and you become a permanent Noob,

 BUT, Noob Inc. is not responsible if the following side effects occur:

    • Death
    • Drowning
    • Death of your uncle Tim
    • Death of your uncle Joe
    • Living after death
    • Finding the fountain of youth©
    • Uncontrollable farting
    • Loud Farting
    • Long farting
    • Super fating
    • Constipation
    • Unable to stop going to the bathroom
    • Having a craving for expired cheese
    • getting fired from your job
    • Singing like a mix between Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black
    • Becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot
    • Anti-Autism
    • Discovering the cure for the common cold
    • Liking President Obama
    • Rigor Mortis
    • Surviving Rigor Mortis
    • Having a craving for cheese Taco’s
    • Exploding
    • Side effects giving you side effects
    • Becoming a newspaper reporter
    • Begging to be put in an asylum
    • Not becoming a Noob
    • Buying Lots of TV’s
    • Bloating
    • Becoming super skinny
    • Explosive farting
    • Sleeping
    • Writing
    • Becoming a Zombie
    • Pretending one of these side effects happened to you so you can sue us
    • Losing your case against us
    • Having a baby Llama
    • Becoming a Llama
    • Spitting on a Llama
    • Being trampled by a Llama
    • Going on a date with a Llama
    • Being Scared of flying Llama’s
    • Committing Llama Genocide
    • Buying the complete idiot’s guide to Llama’s
    • Mature Llama Gamers calling you a Noob
    • Calling a Llama a Noob
    • And a Llama eating your hair

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