Gaming News #1 – BF3 and MW3 Announced

Hey guys its me, a fellow Editor on this website and I will periodically make some posts. As you know, another week means another TWIN broadcast! This post will be about gaming news and a possible hint on the game of the week. DICE has dropped a banhammer on hackers in the Battlefield 3 Open Beta, as no one likes a hacker in a game. For those who don’t know yet BF3 will launch on October 25th. Speaking about BF3, many people are saying that it will be better than its rival, MW3. First of all Battlelog makes tracking your friends easy, from PC, XBOX360, or the PS3. The BF3 beta gives a good felling about what the game will be like on launch date, and even gives “free” members a chance to see if they want to buy it or not. Though the 2 games each have some flaws, BF3 just provides more real-life action, and creates a better feel into the game. We’ll just have to see on launch date of both games for a final decision.


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