Amazon Unveils Its New Kindle Tablet!

Hi everyone, this is the first Technology News post by me. So, Amazon has taken the covers off of its new line of Kindles. The new lineup of Kindles is:

Kindle     $79

Kindle Touch     $99

Kindle Touch 3G     $149

Kindle Keyboard     $99

Kindle Keyboard 3G     $139

Kindle Fire     $199

This is the new Kindle Fire.

It has its extremely cheap Kindle for $79, which is just like a regular white Kindle without the keyboard. The Kindle Keyboard is almost exactly like the old Kindle. The Kindle Touch has, obviously, touch capabilities. And the Kindle Fire is Amazon’s new tablet.

This tablet is the first major rival to the iPad, which came out last year. It runs on a highly modified version of Android, and it is in full color. It has a new browser called “Silk,” which is much better than the Kindle experimental browser. The Fire has a LCD Backlit screen, which is a downside when compared to all the other Kindles which have an e-Ink screen. The Kindle Fire is only a meager $199 dollars, more than 400 dollars less than the cheapest iPad. The cheapest Kindle is an irresistible 79 dollars.


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